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The Brew

Welcome to the Brew! The Brew is filled with member contributions. Check out our collection of videos,  artwork,  photography,  stories,  poetry  and more. All created by the talented students at K-State. You can also submit your own work. We can't wait to see what you do! 


10th Annual Art Contest Exhibit open December 4-15. Join us at the open house on December 13th from 12-1.

 Art Contest Promo

Congratulations to the winners of the 8th Annual ULC Art Contest! 


 First Place: "Ache" by Rachel Dresselhaus



Second Place: "The Tea Sky" by Lea Heryford 

Third Place: "Dan" by Abbly Schleicher  



Honorable Mention:

"Orgins of Art" by Alison Olsen

"Grandpa" by Abby Schleicher

People's Choice Award: "Difference Maker" by Kamden Ekern 




Click on past years to see all of the entries, and keep checking back for information about upcoming contests and exhibits.