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University Life Café

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University Life Cafe

Kansas State University
1105 Sunset Avenue, Room 101
Manhattan, KS 66502
P. 785-532-6927
F. 785-532-3932



**Q: What is the University Life Café?**

A: The University Life Café is an online site that provides information about mental health issues for college students. This site also includes a password-protected interactive space, a public online art gallery, and some other features to enhance the user experience.

**Q: Who may use the contents of this site?**

A: The general public is welcome to use the public parts of the site.

**Q: What site features do you have for those who have eIDs and are members of the K-State community?**

A: Those who are current members of the K-State community and who have active electronic IDs (eIDs) are welcome to participate in the blog as well as the other resources made available in that part of the site. Participants may create a digital identity and handle so as not to use their own names there, but if K-State University needs to contact individuals, it may call up the actual identities. Users are prohibited from using any one else’s eID to access the University Life Café site.

**Q: What makes the University Life Café unique?**

A: This virtual café and site brings together a range of perspectives and talents. It particularly supports student voices in the creation of an interactive site that supports learners in their mental well-being as a critical part of the college life and experience.

**Q: What are some ways that I may participate on this site as a non-K-State member?**

A: You are welcome to submit content (writing, artwork, photography and ideas) to the site, per the guidelines of the Terms of Service. You are welcome to enjoy the contents here.

**Q: What are some ways that I may participate on this site as a K-State member?**

A: You may view the contents and submit digital contents. You may also engage with the interactive blog around issues of mental wellness.

**Q: Why does this site contain both a public part and a private, password-protected part?**

A: The public side offers general informational contents. The password-protected part offers student interactivity with each other in a way that strives to protect user identity, offer a range of topics for discussion, and avoid misuse of the site. This site aims to encourage K-Staters to access professional counseling, if needed, on the campus.

**Q: Do you protect the privacy rights of users on this site?**

A: The University Life Café enables members of the K-State community to use their eIDs to enter that part of the site and to create a basic identity in order to interact on the internal blog.

**Q: Is this site offering any counseling?**

A: This site does not provide therapy. It is informational only. There is no regular monitoring or professional therapist presence.

The University Life Café would encourage any who would like professional counseling to contact

Counseling Services
Kansas State University
232 English / Counseling Services Building
Manhattan, KS 66506-6503

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing a dire emergency, do not post a blog. Please come directly to Counseling Services at 232 English/Counseling Services Building between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or phone our office during business hours at 785-532-6927 and speak directly with a counselor. If you are in an immediate emergency and Counseling Services is closed, you should contact Mercy Health Center at 785-776-3322, or Pawnee Mental Health Services at 785-587-4300.

Any who are feeling suicidal may contact:

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

**Q: What are your Terms of Service policies related to the use of this site?**

A: Please refer to the Terms of Service link to understand the pre-requisites for participation on this site.

**Q: How may I find out more about you?**

A: Please go to the About Us link on the site. This link addresses the goals of the site, the funding by SAMHSA, and some historical information.

**Q: How may I contact the University Life Café?**

A: Please contact the University Life Café team at univlifecafe@k-state.edu. Or call Dr. Wendy Barnes at 785-532-6927.