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Privacy Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality: K-State reserves the right to monitor, edit and disclose any user’s use of the site if integrity is compromised or the limits of confidentiality are compromised—based on applicable laws and regulations.

Limited Anonymity: Users of the site may experience limited anonymity in the creation of an online avatar in some places on the site. They should be advised that their eIDs will be tracked by the site in case of a need for direct user contact.

If required by law, the university may access, preserve and disclose user contents and personal information.

The university may access, preserve and disclose user contents and personal user information in other cases, such as to enforce the terms of service; investigate and respond to claims of content violations by third parties; respond to customer requests, or support personal safety of those at the university, the users of the service, and the general public.

Users are not advised to share personal contact information—such as emails, home addresses, IM identities, or telephone numbers. Do not share personal course schedule information—as that can be cross-referenced to a time and physical location. Avoid sharing workplace information as well.

We strive to protect your privacy and hold your information in confidence. Unlike attending a personal counseling session, confidentiality on a website cannot be protected or guaranteed.

(Please refer to the full Terms of Service before progressing with this site.)