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Welcome to The Bookshelf! Here you will find articles, videos and other materials to help you navigate the university experience!

Struggling with classes? Check out the content in Academic Anxiety, Academic Skills, Test Anxiety or Time Management!

Concerned about your physical or mental health? Look at some of the articles and videos in Body and Eating Concerns, General Mental Wellness, Healthy Behaviors or Stress.

These are just a few examples of places to find valuable information that can make your life a bit easier. So feel free to explore or even conduct a search for a specific topic. Whichever path you choose, we are sure you will come across something that will catch your eye and make your life a bit better. 


balanced lifestyle

Summer is finally here!  Now that classes are out, there is extra time to start being mindful about your mental health and well-being.  Check out these tips that will help you to create a balanced lifestyle!