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A.S.P.I.R.E Study System

The A.S.P.I.R.E. study system was created to help students succeed as they studied. Each aspect of the system looks at different approaches and perspectives to increase learning potential.

A: Approach/attitude/arrange

  • Approach your studies with a positive attitude
  • Arrange your schedule to eliminate distractions

S: Select/survey/scan

  • Select a reasonable chunk of material to study
  • Survey the headings, graphics, pre- and post questions to get an overview
  • Scan the text for keywords and vocabulary: mark what you don’t understand

P: Piece together the parts:

  • Put aside your books and notes
  • Piece together what you've studied, either alone, with a study pal or group: summarize what you understand.

I: Investigate/inquire/inspect:

  • Investigate alternative sources of information you can refer to: other text books, websites, experts, tutors, etc.
  • Inquire from support professionals (academic support, librarians, tutors, teachers, experts,) and other resources for assistance
  • Inspect what you did not understand.

R: Reexamine/reflect/relay Reexamine the content | Reflect on the material | Relay understanding:

  • Reexamine: What questions are there yet to ask? Is there something I am missing?
  • Reflect: How can I apply this to my project? Is there a new application for it?
  • Relay: Can I explain this to my fellow students? Will they understand it better if I do?

E: Evaluate/examine/explore:

  • Evaluate your grades on tests and tasks: look for a pattern
  • Examine your progress: toward achieving your goals
  • Explore options: with a teacher, support professional, tutor, parent if you are not satisfied.

Reference: www.studygs.net

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A.S.P.I.R.E Study System (pdf)