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Romance: There's an App for That!!

By Lacey Solheid

Tis the season of romance. Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Many of you are probably hoping for a visit from Cupid. So how can you throw a little spice into your romance? Take a look at these smartphone apps. Need to know your compatibility with your mate? Want to know how to say "I love you" in another language? There's an app for that! And it's free!

1. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies: Everyone knows the best way to a lover's heart is food! Especially homemade cookies. This app is full of easy recipes to make that perfect cookie for that perfect someone.

2. Love Finger Scan: Because nothing predicts compatibility better than a scan of your fingerprints. It also includes name matching and voice analysis to give you an even bigger picture of your love for each other.

3. Say I Love You in World Languages: Learn how to say that magic phrase in over 60 languages! The app not only has the English phonetics but also an audio translation.

4. Live Diamond Try On: In the famous words of Beyoncé, "If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it." And now you can. This app allows you and your partner to design a ring and actually view its real size on your hand! No need to waste your time going to the jewelers when you can do it for free on your phone.

5. Bouquet Maker!: Need some last minute flower ideas? This app does it all! Not only can you pick your vase, but you also can pick your flowers, candy and balloons to match.

All of these apps are available at the iTunes Store.

Romance: There's an App for That!! (pdf)

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