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University Life Café

airplane taking off into the sky

An Emigrant’s Takeoff

There is something about the fast-paced, get-ahead, make-money ethos of us that make us leave our homeland and move to another part of the world. Here is a poem to one such emigrant.


There you go with the plane’s bellowing o’er the horizon;
Snatched away in a sweep of pathetic modernization
To a land so hypercritical, that you like to claim as yours.
You give it all you’ve got, spell-struck by success,
And progress blasting ahead, you’re destined to be the best.
Yet it is but a dream to a land you just tried to repudiate.
In the end, while looking back in tumult you realize
After so much absence, with no promises to return,
That leaving cannot guarantee ultimate arrival, least of all.