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University Life Café

person on couch with fishing pole with the words the one that got away



You know that I never felt at home like I did with you?

I sometimes think I can move on, that there are plenty of fish in this sea.

And then I go fishing, and catch me something nice,

and I think maybe, just maybe, he'll be alright.

But then you haunt me,

I stumble on a trigger and I get caught in the past.

Your hand on my waist. Texting in class.

Your haunting surrounds me and I succumb to the comfort.

The comfort of your face against mine,

the ecstasy of the exhale in your arms,

the scent of your skin.

It engulfs me, overtakes me, and suddenly.. my fish doesn't look so good.

I let it astray, swim swim away.

Away from me I say.

Maybe, just maybe, some other day.