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University Life Café

adult hands cupped around child hands with plant in soil


Poem about a young woman who questions religions and wonders about other ways to raise her future offspring which she things is more free and still in unison with God.

Must my seed planted in the soil to rise into a plum apple or cherry…
Must Gods spirit in my nurture’s innocence…
Must my seed be guided through a book of revelations?
Must my seed worship injustices and organized structured rituals
Must my seed be socialized to view only his her views the right ones and only the right ones
Must my seed pronounce who is sin what is sin?
Must my seed be told to love his neighbor?
And yet condemn thy neighbor because of their choice of guidance
Must my seed be trialed by his wrong doings?
How will my seed be guided through life?
Must I dedicate his/her life to only one view?
Or should I let my seeds innocence walk through water
If I plant my seed under the soil I will let the water bathe him/her
I will let the air free him/her
I will let the sun show him/her the sweat of work
I will let the soil nurture him/her
And he/she will feed itself and he she
Will have a defect that will advice them there is no perfection
And he she will blossom and show the world its miraculous form
That came from God’s love that rose from God’s guidance that lived in God’s environment
So must my seed follow a book a ritual and organized religion?
Or must I guide my seed through God’s own given resources
And through that show my seed, God’s existence