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University Life Café

person rolling a rock wheel up a hill


Congratulations to Blair Johnson, the winner of our 1st Annual Poetry Contest!!


I want to do mindless work,

I want to sweep the floors of target all night long,

because when morning comes they are clean,

and I can walk out the front doors, complete.

I want to stock groceries at hyvee,

can after can on the shelf,

arranged - label facing out,

so that when they all run out,

I can stand up and look at them.

All in their proper places. All done.

I want to greet people in walmart.

Although the stream may be endless,

my response is still the same.

"Hello, welcome to walmart," smile.

"Hello, welcome to walmart," smile.

Because at least that way i don't have to create something.

I don't think i can handle creating something.

My inclination to do nothing increases with everyday
I am unable to do this something.