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University Life Café

light rays emitting from a human head

Only You!

I always find that each day is too short for all the thoughts I want to think. This is a poem about my obsession with you - the one who is nagging my mind all too often.


My mind is in a trance while the time flies;
I watch the umbra zoom 'cross the roof tiles,
And it makes me laying here worthwhile
For my head is filled with none but you.

Worries build up, and thoughts untrue;
Those only brew when I don’t get you,
And I can't help wondering what to do
Just because I'm far away from you.

Let all those geeky stuff separate us;
Me from you;
Despite the several countless trials
That became my everyday rituals.

Yet here I am, creating my virtual space
While still awaiting the day
When I’d nab you into my custody
Heads down, thumbs up,
My beloved, hard-nosed infrared spectroscopy!