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University Life Café

two birds on a flowering tree branch

The Advent of Spring

Spring is my favorite season and I always feel it is the beginning of the year for me. I love spring for its freshness and vibrancy, its sense of hope of new life and love. This poem reflects my memories of the arrival of spring.


The sanguine sun with gleaming plumes outspread
Dripping liquid light through a canopy of clouds;
Gems of pristine dew that every blossom holdeth up
Sparkling over verdant turf, as fleeting zephyrs sigh!

Timid grasses are waking to fragrances new-born
Where nature has her richest carpet unfurled;
Every tree is swaggering in his leafy gallantry,
As the earth in a single breath renews her youth!

The delicious breeze like a pallid virgin gliding,
While vernal fingers freshen butterflies’ gaudy wings;
Yonder lies winter’s icy reign – a forgotten memoir;
So merry are the chirpy birds, trilling out the glory!

The tingling drizzle has cometh as a tribute
Sprinkling pure exuberance all over and around;
As a blissful wave of laughter gushes forth
To entreat the budding moments of Spring!