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University Life Café

an hour glass



I feel my heart thump wild drums
That Rampage clearly in disrupt
Taking over my body and sending chills
Through my soft canela skin
My mind has confusion labels posted and reposted
My mind trembles in anxiety
I should have patience but my feet want to move
So quick I can’t keep up with them because its groove
Is in place I just feel it and I want it but I know my beginning
Is here this is my starting point and I cant move
Unless my mind stays focus, riveting
Thoughts, compelled emotions, trapped delegations
My eyes shed tears of determination of hope of daily activity
Why can’t I move I stay in place, my heart, my mind tell me to move
But I stay in place my mouth channels what I think my ideas and intellectuality
My body does the opposite it stays in place if I crave and I am longing for reality
Than why not seek it afraid to loose everything that I have because I am blessed
How can I say let it go so gently when people have given their life’s to bring me here
But people have given me the urge to let it go and find my reality somewhere
Else.. I may cross the ocean and walk on the safari and be lost through the Amazon
I may find antiquity in buildings of mud and castles of kings I may find humility in shacks from aluminum or tents of nomads I may find culture in the dynasty of tongues in the complex lives of history, in the busy song of the birds in the busy lights of the movement, I may find painted landscapes from Gods masterpiece and cherish mother nature through Bob Marley and I may find humanity through Ghandis walk, and I may find passion through the King and I may find action through Cesar and I may find spirit like my soul peace and love
I feel my heart calling my name calling me to action but I don’t move
It is not my time when is my time I will make it my time you will see with time my child with time