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University Life Café

 father with child

Who Do You Love?


Dad, thank you for all you've given me,
You amaze me every day.
Though you can't always stop the rain from falling
You love me until it goes away.

I can't begin to tell you them all,
The things you taught me to be
Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful. Be strong.
You're responsible for the good in me.

Be brave when life has got you down,
Be bold, stand up for what you believe
Be beautiful in your own skin,
Talk to God and you will receive.

I've learned that the unexpected can happen,
God's plans don't match our own.
But things have a way of coming together,
Through hard times, God's love is shown.

Things go wrong so we appreciate them when they're right,
Cherish family, now and forever.
Sometimes God lets good things fall apart,
So better things can fall together.

In times of trouble, people who care
Go above and beyond what they need to do
I hope you know that so many people
Care a lot about me and you.

I never knew just how strong my family was,
and all we can make it through
Hands can help and medicine can heal
But that nothing compared to what love can do.

So remember this in times of doubt,
No one can love me like you do,
I know there must be a God, and I thank him every day
Because he gave me you.