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University Life Café

trees with leaves turning colors over a pathway

Autumn Mourn

Thick lines of trees

Were all she could see from miles and miles behind

And on every tree,

There were several more leaves

Shading the same of it's kind.

They covered the road

And it's followers below

For farther than one would believe,

This magical space

As a timeless place

Was all she had ever seen.

The winding road

She had so long known

Seemed the slightest bit different this time;

It's turns and bends

Were not stops and dead ends

That she had been dreading to find.

Once green and bright,

Such a breath-taking sight

Were the trees just a season past,

But time makes its way

Through an endless display

That just isn't meant to last.

As green turned to gold,

The leaves couldn't hold

Their brilliant, summertime hues,

So instead they would fade

To an autumn-like shade

Just before winter was due.

As more time would slip,

They soon lost their grip;

A weakness of fiery color

They tore from the stem

With a slight gust of wind,

One leaf after another.

Too quickly, she knew,

Her time couldn't be through;

There wasn't a moment to waste

The thought was no use,

But what could she lose?

She ran through the woods without haste.

Complete desperation

Awakened sensations

That reminded her of the hard truth;

She was losing time fast,

Most had already past,

But there was nothing that she could do.

This loss would be more

Than she could afford;

The forest grew silently still.

The earth soaked her tears,

But strengthened her fears.

With her cries, the silence was filled.

The fallen leaves

Would catch in the breeze

As she hurriedly took from the dust

With winged footsteps she flew

As if she knew

That this was her chance to make just.

She chased the trail,

But to no avail;

It slowed to a sudden end.

For a race against time

Is reality denied,

No matter the try to pretend.