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couple embracing in front of the moon

Found love in a hopeless place?

Things can always go wrong; but I know together we can make it right There will be things you may never forget; but I know your heart will let you forgive Together we will have to endure the downs; but with a love like this we’ll have way more ups There really is not much that I can ask of you; but when I try I know there’s so much I can give Give and take…I know that is what love is all about Love and hate…I know how thin the line is between the two I want to be able to have it all with you To give as much as I can to you; and take back all you wish to give We both know only time will tell how far we will go I can only hope it’s as far as we both wish In your eyes I can see how much you care And it makes me that much more open to the future I never put much thought into what could happen And neither do you But I know we both look in hope of promise For the chance of a happily ever after come true Love really is such a hard thing to find And some possibly never will see it To me I feel I might be pretty close to revealing its hiding place Because I feel it every moment I spend with you