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University Life Café

image of death sitting on a park bench

I the Death

Grave is not the home where I breathe the hope

The desires I dream, on thy dreams

I gleam,

To make so merry on thy last cold scream.

Once the times fade you shall no longer lope;

Nor canst pray the Lord of trust while breathing,

Thy souls would aware once you stop dreaming

Then I welcome thee!

One can sense me when their lives are on wane

The raptures I steal, and thy grieves I feel,

And torment comes albeit thou can’t conceal

Ha, from curse I came and fear is my name!

Get thy God of holy while you’re praying;

He solely counts thy clock from suffering

Hence I welcome thee!

Hell is not the room where the flowers bloom

I put you on stake, thy pleasures I take,

Or else be profaned for the Satan’s sake

So I am the kin of despair and gloom!

Ay, besides I make thy spites grow healing

And I’m in all those who start believing

And I welcome thee!