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University Life Café

stick person sitting down with a heart in it's hand

Love and What You Make Of It/Love you memories

3 poems for your enjoyment, The first two poems where written to a very close love of mine, and the last poem was written from my heart after being casted aside by the one I loved. Please enjoy

Love is a tricky project
a twist of words creating the hardest of logic.
love has a strange way
to make or break your happiest of day.

the heart is my symbol of love
a perfect theory of, blood and the circulation of feelings
a synonym comparing the reality
to the actuality of the human emotion
leading to the practicality of the feelings we share for each other
Prolonged or declined
my feelings contain a contentious bind
my projected end to all the good time
the feelings in which a bond shall never be broken
to prolonged and eraversable devotion.

love is love and the circulation is complete
until the next void in time where we will forever meet.

Love You Memories

How Far can you see
how sorry can i be
how can i express my love and still be me.
how do we look at the same night sky
under the stars that shine for us
and how can i possibly say goodbye..
How can this love ever be a memory
how can you say that you are fine without me.
Why dose my heart always break,why are my hands bound and forced to shake
is it the thought of you, or is it the mistake.
my heart has no bounds
when im here in my mind, i am souring in the clouds.
can i ever repay my debt
can i show you the colors of my heart
without the thought of us ripping apart.
love is expressed in song
but seeking it should never be concederd wrong.



The sun begins to fade on a once happy soul

mellowing in his sorrow he begins to dig his hole.

a lonesome night

for a man that lost all his light.

The one he has once loved vanished from his heart

as his own emotions began to tear him apart.


cry darkness say cry

or you shall be forced to lay before me and die.

withering in pain the man sheds a tear,

hoping the one he has once loved is somewhere near.

but only his memory's whispers are what he hears.

something that slowly freezes his tears.

a whispers voice is enough for the man to make his choice.the man stares darkness down and says

darkness i shall be loved, my memory's keep me alive and out of your black hole,

so i shall not forfeit up my loving soul.

my love has lost her faith in me but i shall never loose my faith in her.

my heart rests as soon as im with her and are eyes are together .

and if i am to rot in your sorrow pit

her whispers will guide my heart as i follow it.