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University Life Café

magician's hat with gloved hands and wand over it

Magic Act

"Ladies and gents! I'm about to present a miracle, one of a kind!

Have no fear of what you see here, these illusions are like none you will find."

The opening act was used to distract; they had to see to believe,

A subtle display, but enough to portray, he had many more tricks up his sleeve.

He shuffled the deck with a rapid effect, leaving his viewers in awe,

The cards were a blur, so the crowd wasn't sure if they truly believed what they saw.

No one was sure just what to concur of this clever and witty young man,

We all had our doubts of his past whereabouts, but knew not of his devious plan.

Nevertheless, his magic impressed the people who gathered near;

He drew them in with a slight nod and a grin, assured they had nothing to fear.

Then he stepped aside bursting with pride, and looked out into the crowd;

His eyes caught mine at just the right time, pleased with what he had found.

Skilled with his tricks, he could easily pick the most succeptably prone;

He dangled the bait and they jumped to their fate, eager to accept the unknown.

Behind his mask, the strange man asked, "How would you like a try?"

His hidden face hinted an unsteady trace that I could not seem to deny.

I acted naive and tried to believe that this circus act was real;

As I stepped on stage and climbed into the cage, my excitement was hard to conceal.

Mesmerized by his treacherous eyes, he had me under his spell;

Fully decieved, I followed his lead.

My sanity, I could not tell.

Inside of his trap, I awoke with a snap, as the cue to return to reality;

Dazed and confused, I completely refused to accept this dose of brutality.

Then realization hit and my beaten heart split: I was only a prop for his games.

He had used me for show, because little did I know, I would strengthen his unjustly fame.

The performance proved golden, each ticket was sold, but he failed to play his cards right;

His secrets exposed as her actions disclosed, he rode off alone in the night.