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cirlce of hands with blue sky in the background

Sight, Sound, and Selfish Senses

Our eyes are blind to the sight of others in need.

Our ears grow deaf to the sound of agony's plea.

Our minds are numbed by the concept of power and greed.

We see not the millions of people with sorrow, hunger and pain.

We hear not of the needs of others, instead what ourselves have to gain.

We think not of selfless concerns, of which we ignore and refrain.

To look past our reflection of self pity, and discover the meaning of suffer,

To listen with open hearts and acknowledge the cries of our brothers,

To remember the Godly blessings we were given, and use them to aid one another,

Is to vision the world we're responsible for as a place that we should all share.

Is to recognize the chance for our hearts to be heard, and to prove some people do care.

Is to make change in the world through the name of Christ until all of His people are aware.