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University Life Café

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Silent Killer

A powerful, emotionally provocative, look at the silent-killer that penetrates many aspects of our culture. This poem is sure to elicit some sort of response; positive or negative, that's your call.

Mascara runs down her cheeks,
She's been crying for weeks
Heart shattered like glass
Views herself as an outcast

The man to which she's wed
Cheated on her; such dread.
Not by flesh but by screen
Laptop adultery; how obscene.

He's "justified" by majority
It's absolute absurdity.
Something beautiful, now broken.
Unaware of the tears she's chokin'.

Think it's natural desire
Something pure, now a liar.
Sexuality was created
Immorality is manipulated.

Unyielding urge called addiction
No comprehension of such affliction
Destroys natural perception
Not realizing such discretion.

It's a virus, it's a killer.
Sneaks in, tears down pillars.
Relationships crumble,
Reduced to rubble.

Think it's hidden, history deleted.
Before God; excuses depleted.

Willfully sinning against the King
Forgot the covenant of the ring.

Keep it secret, hide it away
But it will be exposed someday.

Awake men, put it away.
Such foolish games we play.
Flirting with death, hoping for life;
She's fighting for breath, look at your wife.

Perhaps you're single, so it's "okay"
You'll break the chains "someday"
Delayed obedience is disobedience
Apathy, one of many ingredients.

There no room for procrastination
Eliminate this counterfeit infatuation.

How many hearts have to break,
For one to see what's at stake?

You're as free as you desire to be,
Redemptive power granted on the tree,
It came at a cost, but He paid the fee.

Convinced yet? Where should you start?
As with all things, starts with the heart.

Prayer is a powerful gift,
Its' power is beyond measure.
Holy Spirit, come swift,
Direct hearts to true treasure.

Intimacy is found embedded
In the LORD and King of Kings,
To whom we're indebted.
Of freedom you'll surely sing.

The ending to our story is a thriller,
Darkness is destroyed, Light wins!
No memory of our silent killer,
Totally redeemed from our sins!