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University Life Café

erupted volcano

The Hell in me

I write the poems on dark, chaos, fantasy and love. And the poem which I have written(the hell in me)has a loudest twist!

Lying like dead in the dark by lake

Eyes are closed but still awake

The dreams of hope keeps fighting till lame

The more and more the dreams came.

From the mirror of truth under lee

Her caustic eyes ghosting me;

Making screech of silence I could heed

Neither my soul may concede

Thy greed I feel, thy dolour and pain

Lo my pain in injured rain,

While the blood became blue as I wade I prayed but the God escaped!

Besides I plea not to die unwell

As yet I’d linger to hell.

Stalking my shadow along my spine

There’s no divine blood of mine!

Ergo sweat on my blood and bare bones

‘Cause she cries from all unknowns.

The unholy dreams I've dreamed and dwelled

To me those always repelled.

Ha, Torment of love; torture of ail

Not even saints could inhale.

There she’s laughing for regret and grief;

Echoes my restless relief

Ah, there she’s haunting my soul but why

Were Gods hiding o’er the sky?

I can see in me on the sick sea

Then the time poked me;

SHE’s me!