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University Life Café

people running a race

3200 Meters

Running at State in the 3200 meter dash.

To me, that warm up run was a breeze,

It was relaxing, just a casual pace;

Stretching, by far, was pure off handed ease,

Now I prepare for the real race.

Time stands still while I watch and wait,

Each event seems to run late;

The time is near, yet I still debate,

Whether to run away or run for State.

Suddenly, my race prepares to initiate,

With this many runners, it’s three per lane;

My anxiety is overwhelming; I nearly regurgitate,

I’ve been told I’m crazy; I ponder if I’m sane.

The gun bellows and commences a roaring crowd,

I know I will win if I have steps of persistence;

But my instinct thinks the only way to stay proud,

Is to lead the rest by an unnecessary distance.

My mind wins and I decide,

That I will earn first not by a chase;

Hopefully, my body will abide,

To follow my mind and win the race.

Six laps complete; I am stuck in second place,

I have two more laps to pass my counterpart;

I cannot wait to see his face,

When he sees me and realizes who has more heart.

On the homestretch, we are side by side,

I am breathing fire and my legs disappear;

Our steps are the exact same stride,

After the infinite wait, the end is near.

I choose to break away, and I seem to fly,

Past the ocean of reliable family and friends;

All I am capable to do is try,

To finish with the gold in the end.

Nothing in the world is worse to see,

Then the string breaking across the chest;

Of the runner two feet ahead of me,

Inside I feel crestfallen, although I tried my best.

While I shake the hand of my counterpart,

He becomes a friend, not a loathed enemy;

For this race, we both had the heart,

I needed him,

and he needed me.