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University Life Café

red x in a circle over a woman's heart


X marks the spot where your heart was torn out.

i discovered it yesterday, when I was deep inside of you, scalpel and all.

i scraped out the mercilessly chewed up gum used to seal it, and then removed some badly woven stitches

which I imagine were put when the gum couldn’t hold.

a drop of sweat trickled down my nose as I watched everything unfold,

the very foundations of your life,

the history of your smile,


tears and laughter unraveling before my eyes,

a real time video playing in reverse while around you, all else was still.

i watched it grow larger and wider,

denser and thicker

and at the same time I noticed your image in my mind grow increasingly small,

the dancing lashes about your smiling eyes vanishing slowly

the minute moles on the small sliver of your back fading away

until you were so far away

that I could barely see you at all.