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maple leaf on a wood deck

The Maple Leaf

A leaf near the end of its life ponders what purpose if any did it serve.


The Maple Leaf
A lone maple leaf prepared itself for the drop
Like its brother and sisters it would no longer enjoy the top
The maple leaf wasn’t concerned about its fate
Rather it pondered what impact it had made to date

The leaf had seen its siblings take part in the world
Some of its siblings danced in the wind as they swirled
Others piled up and became a playground for the tots
The last of its siblings conversed with the plants in the garden pots

The leaf beseeched the wind please take me with you
The wind let out a strong breath and blew
No matter how hard the wind tried the leave wouldn’t fly
The leaf became so upset it began to cry

A nearby caterpillar asked the leaf what’s wrong with thee
The leaf responded I won’t have meaning until I get off this tree
The caterpillar came over and began to chew on the stem of the leaf
The leaf was thrilled finally it would have purpose and no more grief

The leaf twirled through the air as it began its descent
It shouted in delight as it came to rest on a tent
The leaf was then picked up by a small child
The girl began to skip and both laughed and smiled
The leaf would never forget what makes live worthwhile