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University Life Café


dark sky with birds flying

Same Color

When you are the same color as the night sky  
It’s damn near impossible to fly that high  
You only get to see those white specs of light  
While others fall: comets and meteorites  

Is it right, on what is to be the next day  
That they get to choose, to get to have their say  
As I and others watch in utter dismay  
They deny us the chance to live our own way  

We must speak like them, just so they all can hear  
That means speak softly, without a hint of fear  
If you push an eye to drop a single tear  
You’ll be thrust from the sky, never again near  

I wish there was truth beneath the dark above  
Compassion, tolerance, and a little love  
Yet they shoot every pigeon, eagle, and dove  
That I’ve given up my dream, I’ve had enough.