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landscape with mountains, a lake and a meadow with grass and melting snow

The Awakening

Birdsong, it is the first sign of change.  
Their chatter is welcome as my ears thaw from the stark silence of winter.  
The mornings no longer have a chill in them,  
And I turn my face into the warm breeze caressing my cheek.  
There is no crunch under my feet from frost,  
In its crackling place are my muted steps on the soft, warming earth.  
Everything is waking up, as if the birds were a mother gently waking her child.  
Trees slowly shake the snow from their branches,  
And stretch their arms skyward warming their sprouts.  
Plants poke their heads above ground, checking that winter is truly gone,  
And sleepy animals blink the darkness from their eyes to behold the warm sunshine.  
The world seems to slowly unfurl its greenery,  
Recovering from the long, hard, cold spell.  
Even people are cautiously peering out of their houses to test the temperature,  
And upon finding it suitable everyone swarms outside chattering like the returned birds.  
As I sit on my porch witnessing these events,  
I smile to myself as I sip a cool drink because spring is finally awakening after a long fought battle with winter.