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woman lying on her stomach, head in hands, on the grass with the outline of a house around her head

The Home We Once Knew

Do you remember, when we were younger,  
And for growing old we had a hunger?  
We wished to leave home and be free,  
To pursue our dreams and simply be.  
Well, now you and I are older,  
And this road we are on grows ever colder.  
But, there is one place that always welcomes us back,  
And helps us when we fall off the track.  
It was where we learned to grow,  
And where time seemed to pass interminably slow.  
It was where we spent our summers outside,  
And we always had our parents in which to confide.  
It was where we spent our winters by the fire,  
And after a long day in the snow we could retire.  
This home was where I laughed and cried,  
And where my first dog died.  
Here is where I lost and gained friends,  
And here is where I first found my poetry pens.  
Here is where my parents are,  
To always remind me they are never far.  
This home is where my parents cried when I left for college,  
And it was where I first gained my knowledge.  
When times are tough and I need a place to go,  
There is only one place of which I know.  
It is the home that, as a child, I once knew,  
And it is the first place where, with my family, I first grew.