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University Life Café




Undesirable Memories

I see , I hear , I smell , I taste , I fear.

I see him around,  
Even though the winter is gone  

It is just something   
He had done.  
I heard his voice,   
As if he is singing that song   
It feels just like the first time   
Standing there playing the guitar.   

I smell that perfume,  
The one impregnated in my cloth  
I smell it thanks to the wind   
That one door that took the breath  
 Away from me.   

I taste the lips of the angel,   
The one who came above me  
And the hug of a bear   
Holding me so tight   
I could finally feel safe.   

I fear that it is the devil inside,   
And for him to control my mind  
But most of all I fear   
I could never forget   
His breathing.