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University Life Café

My Hearts Narcotic

My Heart's Narcotic

**By Hayley Darpel**

After the third or fourth break
your returns slowly sickened me.
I knew you weren't the answer
but the past's relentless achings
told me otherwise.

I was young and love was
How many times would we
hurt each other before it would end?
Then you'd come back, oh so sweet,
my heart's narcotic.

I needed nothing more
with you around.
And when I
left you in the end,
our very end,
the pain couldn't be dulled.

For you made me crave you.
I thought I needed
your love to have love at all.

There are times when
I yearn for you.
But then I remind myself,
the side effects were far more
brutal than the love I got
from my heart's narcotic.

My Heart's Narcotic (pdf)