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University Life Café

Angel Wings

Angel Wings

I close my eyes and it's not darkness I see but light
An odd blueish light that calls to me, draws me, pulls me in
In the light I am warm, covered, comforted, and i don't know why
I open my eyes again and realize the light remains, but now in human form
Wings of an angel adorn broad muscular shoulders, strong and powerful, my guard my guide
It's powerful frame has a strange beauty, it makes me lust after its perfect serenity
It's a seduction I've never felt before, calm but burning and unceasing
I am willing, I am able, I give myself to it wholly, deeply, completely

The warmth I felt had radiated from him, his arms wrapped around me, wings covering me
I stare into it's eyes, the warmth expands, I am safe, I am home, I am finally right
I don't know who this god is but I long for it, deeper and stronger, in my soul
It surrounds me, merges with me until we are no longer two but one
One being of hope, faith, love, and life. Once creature of light and warmth
His strength becomes mine, his hope mine as well.
He draws the weakness from me, making me whole

I find myself wanting this more than anything, more than life, because now this is life
It's life abundant, life renewed, life affirmed. Everything before him seems like a shadow
He is light to the dark corners of my mind, opening doors that have been forever locked
the maze of my ming is unraveled and laid bare, I now see my own strengths and weaknesses
He leads me guides me on-ward, though the dark places, the valleys
he protects me and guards me against the darkness without and the darkness within
His wings shield me from doubt, I become steadfast in his presence, unwavering, unyielding
I close my eyes again, the light remains, never leaving, always shining