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Fence Sitting

Fence Sitting

My toes graze the ground on either side
I can't quite reach, but I stretch down with both legs
But they don't get longer, the ground doesn't spring up to meet me
I could easily swing my leg over and it would be a quick end
I would simply slide down to the earth below
But what about the other side, do I dare leave it behind
Do I dare, and forever look back on what could have been
So I sit, and sit, and sit, waiting for something, for anything

For you see both sides seem good, both appeal to me
One side is beautiful in its simplicity, with lush green grass
Its skies are blue, its air crisp and filled with song
This side is peaceful, right, and filled with love
It's presence in my life make me long for more
But the other side brings a different feel, temptation?

The peace of the first side is replaced by a sense of power
The love is replace with opportunity lustful and willing
I know this side is fun and instantly gratifying
It offers me my wildest dreams, my deepest most secret desires
I am drawn to this side not by peace and beauty, but by its promise
The promise it could give everything, all the other side denies
For the other side, the first side, seem filled with boundaries

So I sit on the fence, not choosing restriction
But for some reason, I'm unable to choose the side of promise either
I watch others climb on and off the fence, making a choice or regretting one
I see them on the side of peace, their voice springing from their throats in praise
I watch them choose promise, and laugh as they are shown their inner desires
I watch as each walks off, singing and laughing,
Disappearing from sight, into a unknown world

Finally I choose, I know what side I want and I make a move
I slowly swing my leg over, I glance one last time at the other side
I slide off, my feet hit the ground, and my life changes.