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University Life Café

black and white image of a man and woman talking at a table with the word "listen" superimposed on top


Listen deep inside  
the words, don't try to hide;  
your soul is telling you  
what it needs you to do.

Listen to her cry.  
Turns her head to the side  
No one can see her tears,  
cause she's scared of the fear.

Wouldn't know that she was taken,  
some may say she was faking--  
but for the few who know her heart  
wouldn't question from the start.

All she wanted was that love  
that comes from deep within,  
instead she got the knife  
that cuts everything past skin.

The pain is so deep  
all she feels is black and numb  
inside the tender heart  
that is now a victim.

Voices in your head  
they tell you bad is to come.  
Listen, do not dread,  
for you can help her heal.

It's better to forewarn  
than be the friend who knew  
that something horrifying  
were going to break her to pieces.

Please, God, let me listen.  
From words, I will not hide.  
My soul, her tears, are telling me  
who she needs me to be.

No longer will I falter,  
take judgment from any mouth.  
I cannot blame myself  
for the wicked in other hearts.

So I will just listen,  
Let you soothe me as we cry.  
For clouds are rolling out  
and light peers through the black sky.